Canto novello

Late medieval Italian Laude


"Canto Novello" - these songs emerged from a spiritual and social renewal, but above all, represent the flourishing of a new musical innovation: A melting pot of the age-old musical traditions of the Christian Church interwoven with the rich and abundant poetry of the people - unique, vivid, and captivating.



The ensembles Ars Choralis Coeln and Oni Wytars collaborated specifically for this project, joining their distinct areas of expertise - enchanting vocal sound combined with spirited instrumental virtuosity - to revive the multi-faceted sound of a vernacular spiritual music originating in fourteenth-century northern Italian cities: In the spirit of the Laudesi fraternities, indeed!



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various line-ups possible:
Ars Choralis Coeln &
 Oni Wytars


Ars Choralis Coeln (8-10)